Thursday, December 11, 2008

Grrrrrr with HMRC

Trying to sort out tax and pension.....

How do you find out your tax office - call them you think? To get through I need to tell them my NI number, my name, my DOB, my addresses and my employer. So my NI number is recognised but something about the other information is wrong so they won't speak to me.

So let me get this right - they know my name, my DOB, my addresses and my employer but I don't.

So how do I get to speak to them? Well I have to tell them the right information but yet they won't tell me what I'm getting wrong.

Does it not occur to them I might know these things and they might have something wrong!

So now I have to send them details of what I think my name, my DOB, my addresses and my employer are with proof that they are all these things and then they'll "consider my case". But I don't know who to send it to because they can't tell me my tax office because they can't verify who I am so no one will take my call.

Maybe I'm the person who sends them all that bloody money every bloody month - they don't mind taking that, do they?

Annoyed of North London (but who knows what my name is or where I actually live as obvioulsy don't).

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Hannah said...

If it's any consolation I had a similar issue with my tax status having been out of th ecountry for so long. I don't think I managed to resolve it... got fed up.